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How will you be able to forge a strong relationship with your consumers?


Understand who your consumers are in their personal and professional lives, and what drives them.


What drives most people’s behavior is the set of values and beliefs they hold. This, in turn, influences their thinking, decision-making and of course, behavior. 




Thus, it becomes critical to assess people’s environments in order to understand and impact their behavioral patterns.


Which factors are able to cause a shift in a person’s environment?  


For a streamlined understanding of what drives the environment, we look at the STEEPL Factors.

STEEPL stands for Societal, Technological, Environmental, Economic, Political and Legal.  




Using STEEPL, Culture& looks at influences of environmental factors on people’s lives in a given society.



Upcoming Post


Soon, as a first case study, we will be sharing how changes in environmental factors are impacting the thinking and actions of people in the United States. Stay tuned.




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