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2 Flower



We’d all love to know more about ourselves and the way we think, don’t we? 


This is a brief experiment you can conduct on yourself or a friend to see whether your brain thinks differently when you draw than when you write.


Just copy what you see in the gallery here, following the steps below.



IMPORTANT:  be sure to video record your experiment. Your hand and the paper or post-it on which you are copying have to be clearly Video Iconcaptured. This is to see the process you follow to copy what you see on screen. If possible, ask a friend to record your experiment so that you don’t have to juggle copying and recording with your phone at the same time.




Step 1: Write your name and the languages you can read/ write. Score how well you can read/ write each language with a 1 = poorly to 5 = fluently rating. 

Step 2: Copy the drawing of a flower

Step 3: Copy the drawing of an elephant

Step 4: Copy the text in English

Step 5: Copy the text in other languages

Step 6: Email your video file to or for analysis. Check back here to follow our findings as we post them in an ongoing manner. 



Let us know about your copying experience and whether it helped you recognize any patterns about your own ability to copy a drawing or text.


Note: If you are uncomfortable disclosing your name, please feel free to hide that information.


Have fun!




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