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Do we really understand how people make purchase decisions?



In ‘consumer research’, we typically ask consumers to explain their decision-making process. We then build our product or marketing strategies based on their responses.


Recently however, we have realized that people are prone to making irrational decisions for reasons that are justified only by and in their subconscious. That is, they may not even realize that there are factors influencing their perceptions and behaviors, and hence cannot identify, or will not readily admit to them.


In such cases, insights are often clouded by either (a) people presenting a rational path-to-purchase in an effort to explain their behavior, or (b) people unable to explain their thoughts or actions.


The Culture& Solution


Culture& helps you go significantly beyond the reach of conventional research approaches.


Our approach enables you to elicit consumers’ mental modes which strongly influence their decision-making.  


It explains not just behavior, but also, and more importantly, the drivers of behavior.


 The methodologies we use will help you:

  • understand your audience much better than with currently used methodologies – knowing what drives them, how they make decisions, and who they are in their lives beyond being your ‘consumers’
  • make sound, strategic and sustainable decisions
  • gain the most value for your research & insights budget





The Culture& methodology uses a blend of two market phenomena – the Culture of Things (CoT) and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Combining research and technology for today’s audience in the right dose provides compelling insights. It makes your product or marketing strategy development process stronger, much more streamlined and highly informed.


The most important part of the Culture& approach is how we view the people we study. 


Often researchers look to understand ‘consumer behavior’. Culture& recommends that organizations need to understand, not ‘consumer behavior’, but ‘people’s behavior’ – people who just happen to consume a product or brand. 


This provides a much more relevant and comprehensive view of current or potential consumers and how a brand or product can best fit into the narrative of their lives.  


The Culture& Methodology




Download .pdf here for more on the methodology and when to apply each of them.  

Contact us to discuss more. 







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