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Consumer Satisfaction Needs a New Friend. Time to Embrace Consumer Affection.

Share Brands obsess over product features. But to consumers, that’s just secondary. The primary point is not price either.  I recently travelled on a 12 hour-long international flight with my ...
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For Healthy Eating, Black Paint Is Here.

Share   It’s easy for some of us to stick to healthy eating habits. The rest of us struggle. What’s an easy, and mind you, cheap way to overcome our woes?   The holiday season between ...
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Why We Should Stop Saying “I Wish” and Start Saying “I Will”

Share       Article published on 23 Nov. ’15 in The Changer, a community of social impact professionals who are committed to making the world a better place.     Not ...
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How are ISIS’ Lebanon Attack and Meryl Streep’s Acting Related?

Share The Habituation Bias. That’s what they have in common. On 14 November, much of the world woke up to the horrific news of ISIS’ brutal attack in Paris, France the night before, killing 130 ...
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Can’t influence nutritious consumption? Look to everyday fashion accessories.

Share     A generally decorative, sometimes religious symbol – the bindhi or Indian red dot – converts itself into a medical treatment.   You know about the bindhi, ...
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5 Reasons You Write Things By Hand

Share Do you write? Though in love with keyboards, some of us still prefer to write things by hand. Why? IF YOU’RE ADVENTUROUS ENOUGH TO READ THIS IN HAND WRITTEN FORM, click here.   My ...
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